Why did Alana leave Jason?

The clip saw Jason, along with co-stars Georgia Fairweather and Johnny Balbuziente, allegedly making homphobic comments about bisexual groom Liam Cooper. Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Alana confirmed this is what led to their split.

Are Jason and Alana together?

Despite getting on really well on the show and staying together at the end of the experiment, Alana and Jason are no longer together. In April, Jason confirmed that he and Alana had ended things, as he shared a series of photos of the pair "in happier times after final vows."

Are any couples from MAFS 2021 still together?

Excluding the 2021 season, only three couples out of a whopping 60 are still together – season two's Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr, season six's Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli (who became engaged in 2021) and season six's Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson (who became legally married in 2019).

Did Jason dump Alana?

Married At First Sight's Alana Lister was dumped by Jason Engler after she called him out for "not acceptable behaviour"

Are Jason and Alana still together 2021?

They agreed to stay married at the end of the experiment, but sadly they are no longer together. In August 2021, Alana opened up about why the pair separated after the series ended. Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, she said there had been some controversy around her husband in a video he featured in.

Are Selina and Cody still together 2022?

However, they gave it another go and the couple seemed to be happy and even discussed living together. Cody and Selina remained close until the series ended, but, after the reunion dinner, they decided to part ways. It was Cody who broke off the marriage and Selina was ultimately left "heartbroken".

Who is Jason from MAFS dating now?

KC Osborne
Season eight groom Jason Engler and season seven bride KC Osborne have confirmed they are dating on Instagram.

Does Belinda stay with Patrick?

Back in 2021, they announced their split on Instagram, saying: "We do not want the same things in love and life.” Belinda spoke to the Australian magazine Who about the breakup, adding: "We had obviously clicked when we first met and so we didn't give up on our relationship easily.

Where is Belinda from MAFS now?

Are Married at First Sight's Belinda and Patrick still together? Unfortunately, these two are no longer together. Belinda and Patrick seemed like the show's golden couple with Patrick calling his wife ' the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen' on their wedding day.