What compliments do Virgos like?

Virgos are sensitive creatures who typically hold themselves in high regard because they know they put a great deal of effort into everything they do. Compliments like "You look beautiful today" or "You're my best friend" are definitely appreciated and will go a long way.

Do Leos like to spoil?

Leo. Don't spoil a Leo — worship the ground they walk on instead. Remind them day in and day out how talented they are, how smart they are, how much you idolize them, and a Leo will feel more than satisfied. They're a superstar and you need to be their ultimate fan.

Are Geminis spoiled?

Gemini may be deep in some ways, but they're also very shallow and superficial. It's this surface-type nature that has them spoiling themselves because they feel they deserve it more than others do. Which, of course, they don't, but don't bother trying to explain that to a Gemini.

What does spoil a girl mean?

0. Share. 3 verb If you spoilyourself or spoil another person, you give yourself or them something nice as a treat or do something special for them. (=pamper)