How do Virgos deal with conflict?

Practical, methodical Virgo won't go into any conflict without fully weighing the pros and cons and gathering all the necessary receipts—which, yeah, they will 100 percent have. When it comes time for Virgo to issue a complaint, you can be sure it will be thorough, well researched and hard to argue against.

Why are Virgos the most misunderstood?

Here are some more facts about this zodiac sign that makes them the most lovable and misunderstood sign. 1. They tend to retreat in their shell if they feel that someone's not worth their love and attention. They become distant and withdrawn, which leaves the other person feeling confused and lost.

Are Virgos irrational?

An irrational Virgo tends to get caught up in the emotions that come with feeling irrational. Whether he tries his hardest to stay in control or just lets it happen to him, when Virgo is acting irrational, he can get picky and overwhelmed.

Does Virgo have ego?

Although Virgos are pretty caring and loving individuals, during an argument or a fight, they cannot separate their ego from themselves. Their ego tends to get the better of them and they can never bring themselves up to be the bigger person.