How will the full moon affect Leo?

Leos love going out, shaking their booties and fabulous hair, and bathing in attention. As a result, expect parties around this full moon, which bring out everyone's primal side. Forget about staying in; when the full moon falls in Leo, everyone wants to dance, make love, or at least make out with a stranger.

How does the Leo moon affect Leo?

Leo – For a Leo, the full moon represents a time of abundance. Money will come, they will receive rewards, they will receive bonuses or gifts from those they helped.

What date is the Leo full moon?

What time is the Full Moon in Leo? This upcoming Full Moon in the wee hours of February 17th (3:56am AEDT to be exact), has a much different valence. It will occur in fiery and fun Leo, ruled by the Sun.

What does a moon in Leo mean?

Leo Moons are naturally enthusiastic, and prone to outbursts of spontaneous glee. If this is your Moon sign, you're generous, proud, loyal and an adventurer at heart. You put your whole heart into relationships, and your sense of Self is bound up in who you run with.