What careers are Cancers good at?

10 Best Career Matches for Cancer

  1. Realtor. Those born under the sign of Cancer find the most pleasure in the comforts of home, so what better suggestion for Cancer career ideas than someone that sells homes for a living.
  2. Private Chef.
  3. Interior Designer.
  4. Social Worker.
  5. Architect.
  6. Nurse.
  7. Therapist.
  8. CEO.

Are cancers good at acting?

They have all the skills in them to perform. Cancerians are a generally shy type of people, but they are not shy when they perform in front of the audience. They are confident at that moment and impress with their style of acting.

Are Cancers good at sports?

Cancer, you're not normally the sport-loving type, but that doesn't mean you can't be if you don't apply yourself. When you're at your best, you're both energetic and calm; not the least bit all over the place.