What do tauruses like the most?

They seek out people that value and appreciate simple pleasures. Taurus are attracted to people who are dependable and strong. They will likely be turned off by a person who is constantly flitting around the room or who seems out of control. They appreciate people who are capable of being relaxed.

What are Taurus hobbies?

Whatever tickles the senses, become favored hobbies of Taurus especially gardening, painting, cooking, fishing, and bird watching. You love to pamper yourself with a massage by the pool, a spa session or a beauty routine.

What type of gifts do Taurus like?

As earth signs, Tauruses are very focused on the material—the things they can touch, taste, and smell. Think ~sensual~, as in “relating to the senses” but also sexy. So give 'em a cozy blanket, a new cookbook they can master, or a fragrance that will become their new signature scent.