What Disney Princess is a Taurus zodiac?

Taurus – Tiana (The Princess And The Frog) Throughout the movie, Tiana was committed to saving money by working two jobs in order to build her own restaurant, as her father dreamed.

Is Tinker Bell a Taurus?

Taurus: Tinker Bell Taurus is the most reliable sign. No one is more reliable than Peter Pan's sidekick. You are incredibly devoted.

What characters are a Taurus?

Characters who are Taurus can be hotheaded, protective, and extremely stubborn, but that's why we love them….15 Best Taurus Protagonists In Movies

  1. 1 Tinkerbell – Peter Pan (1953)
  2. 2 Chewbacca – Star Wars Saga (1977–2019)
  3. 3 Woody – Toy Story Franchise (1995–2019)