What is owl in ASL?

The owl sign involves making big owl eyes. To sign owl, make your hands into circles and hold them up in front of your eyes. Twist your hands inward and outward.

What is ASL for snake?

Snake in Sign Language Bring one hand up to your mouth. Point your pointer and middle fingers forward, slightly bent, and tuck the other fingers back. Move your hand forward in a wavy motion. This sign looks like a snake's forked tongue moving forward as it explores.

What is turtle in Sign Language?

To sign turtle, make a fist with your strong hand, with your thumb over the top of your index finger. Put your non-dominant hand over the top of your dominant hand's fist, so the dominant hand's thumb is poking out. Wiggle the thumb up and down like a little turtle's head poking out of the shell.

How do you sign rabbit in ASL?

The bunny/rabbit sign looks like the long ears of a rabbit, twitching. Make both hands into fists and place them on top of your head, with middle and index fingers extended to make the rabbit ears. Bend and extend the middle and index fingers to the back of your head, as if to make the ears twitch.

How do you sign lizard in ASL?

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How do you sign fish in ASL?

Take your dominant hand, and extend you hand with your thumb up and fingers together. Hold the hand out with fingers facing forward, and then shimmy your hand as you move it forward. Some people also sign fish using both hands with palms facing each other, as if swimming through waters together.

What is squirrel in ASL?

To sign squirrel, take both hands and extend the index and middle fingers, with the fingers bent like two big squirrel teeth. Bump the two hands together, like two squirrels kissing.

What is the ASL sign for dragon?

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How do you sign ant in ASL?

To do the baby sign for ant, make your dominant hand into a fist or a curved 'C' hand, and rest it on top of your other hand, while your other hand makes a walking motion with your fingers.