What sign is someone born on Nov 3?

A Scorpio born on November 3rd excels in teaching and all forms of education. They may become travelers of the world, but it is important for them to understand the value of their roots, so their efforts to work towards a goal don't scatter and make them unstable.

Is November 3rd Scorpio?

Scorpios born on November 3 tend to shock others by being so true to themselves that they do not care about how they are perceived by outsiders. These Scorpios have an unconventional, striking, somewhat rebellious and extremely unique side to their personalities.

What is the character of a person born in November?

People born in November are usually calm and can control their emotions unless they are provoked to the maximum. They will try their best not to have an outburst. They hardly ever get angry and annoyed but if they have ever snapped at you, then you probably did something bad in your life to deserve that.