What was the situation on the morning of January 3?

By morning on January 3, the situation showed a little improvement. Pumps had been working round the clock. The water level was sufficiently under control. The crewmen could take two hours' rest in rotation.

Where did the ship sail for the voyage?

Plymouth, England the ship sail for the voyage.

What was the name of the ship or boat of the author how long it was?

Answer: The narrator's boat was called 'Wave-walker'. It was a beautiful 23 metre long, 30 ton wooden-hulled ship.

What was the name of the ship of the author Class 11th English?

Explanation: The narrator and his wife decide to take a voyage around the world as famous Captain James Cook did 200 years back. They prepare and practice their seafaring skills for the past 16 years. They get a 23 meters long ship with 30 tons made of wooden, which they named as Wave Walker.