What the Age of Aquarius will bring?

Like the revolution of the 1960s, astrologers claim that the Age of Aquarius is meant to bring about social, political, personal, and ideological change. For those living in the United States, this might be connected to the upcoming transition of presidential power.

What is the meaning of the Age of Aquarius?

What does Age of Aquarius mean? In astrology, the term Age of Aquarius refers to a period of time (associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius) that is believed to bring an increase in harmony in the world.

What happens after the Age of Aquarius?

According to astrology, we're currently transitioning into the Age of Aquarius. Once this cycle comes to an end, we will transition once more, this time into the Age of Capricorn.

How is the year 2022 for Aquarius?

As per the Aquarius health horoscope 2022, the upcoming year shall start with a bit of mental stress and trouble. You might possess some tensions because of a few aspects of life. But it would be temporary, and you would be through it all in the second half of the year.

What is the future of an Aquarius?

Aquarius career prediction: Ganesha says Aquarius-born people may see significant upheavals in many areas of their lives in 2022. When it comes to work life, there will be increased efforts. Considering your accomplishments, you are dissatisfied with your current situation and desire to do and achieve more.