Which DASA is good for Scorpio ascendant?

– Now, Maraka Houses for Scorpio Ascendant can get activated during dasha of Venus or Jupiter or of any planet which is in 2 nd house/Sagittarius or 7 th house/Taurus. Also, the dasha of lord of sign/nakshatra in which Venus or Jupiter is placed will activate them and maraka dasha.

What is Chandra dasha?

The Effect of Moon (Chandra) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of the Moon. The Moon has been considered as the planet of mind and the planet of wealth in astrology. Moon is a peace-loving planet. At the time of its Mahadasha, Moon will do many good things for you in your work and you will be able to make the right decision.

Is Rahu malefic or Benefic?

Out of the nine planets, Saturn, Mars, Rahu are malefics, and the Sun is malefic , but it is not as damaging as the other malefic planets. Jupiter, Venus is seen as natural benefics while the auspiciousness of the Moon and Mercury depends upon the planets conjunct them.

Is Ketu malefic or Benefic?

Ketu signifies the spiritual process of the refinement of materialisation to the spirit and is considered both malefic and benefic, as it causes sorrow and loss, and yet at the same time turns the individual to God. In other words, it causes material loss in order to force a more spiritual outlook in the person.

Is Sukra Dasa good?

It bestows individuals with various kinds of comforts, materialistic wealth, and luxuries. The native under Venus Antardasha is generally blessed with a delightful and blissful life. A well-placed Shukra in kundali leads to a happy life by keeping away the stress.

Is Moon Dasha good?

This Mahadasha is very powerful for ascendants Taurus and Cancer. It is friendly with signs like Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Leo. Also, Antardasha of Sun, Mars, and Jupiter under Moon Mahadasha is very beneficial while Mercury, Venus, and Saturn Antardasha can have a negative impact on your life.